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Pharmacy Shark Patrol (PSP) has for over a decade researched, evaluated and commented on the performance of the Online Pharmacy Industry. Due to changes in the industry and pressure from "Legit" sources we are no longer able to continue our service.

If you have relied on our service for safe reliable affordable medicines we now refer you to RxRights.org It seems "Big Pharma" continue to try and restrict information and access tht would actually help. So please beware of the scams and illegitemate sites that will now proliferate to profit from such action.

Pharmacy Shark Patrol worked hard since 2001 to maintain a service that rated and monitored the best suppliers around the world. The service enabled many to safely afford their medications and your appreciation has been very rewarding. Please consider taking action to ensure your right to safe and affordable prescription drugs.

Pharmacy Shark Patrol is sad to see the demise of our service that was valued by so many.

We check online pharmacies listed have:

  • Reliable delivery that we closely monitor
  • Discrete deliveries and patient privacy
  • FDA approved drugs: All quality medications available through our service are manufactured by licensed companies that adhere to the FDA quality standards and practices. All of these facilities are rigorously inspected, approved and regulated by the following organizations: FDA (USA), MCA (UK), TGA (AU), MCC (SA), NIP (HUN), PIC (GER) and WHO.
  • Secure payment systems
  • Free Online consultation
  • Licensed physicians and pharmacies

Please use this service to save money, save time and save yourself from worry.

If you think you have a medical problem, please seek professional help with your family doctor. Get the information you'll need to help you better understand the condition. If you attain a prescription from your doctor and you do not have a Health Care or medical plan, medications can be extremely expensive!


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